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Rental Property Inspections


Pre & Post Rental Inspections

Our services are designed to meet the requirements of both the Landlord & Tenant, requiring entry, exit and Periodic Rental Inspections of the rental property, before damage deposits can be collected and/or retained when property damage is present and a dispute arises.

We provide tailor- made solutions in this regard for Real Estate Professionals, Property Managers, Landlords, Investors, Owners, Tenants and Leasing Companies.

Get the necessary protection that you deserve with an independent inspection report.

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inspectrental1No matter what type of inspection, ipi has you covered with all inspections being completed by trained, certified and licensed 3rd party inspectors that put you into a strong defensible position should problems arise.

Initial Pre-Occupancy / Move-In Inspections

This inspection is designed to protect all parties, from the tenant entering into a lease agreement, an owner turning his investment over to a property management company, or a property manager  representing an investor’s property. Our certified licensed inspectors will perform a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior, whether occupied or vacant. We will provide you with a detailed written report delivered electronically with pictures, including a full description of the property condition, appliances, amenities, number and type of rooms. The report will also include suggested property management improvements to enhance the rental value, preserve the integrity, safety and habitability of the property.

Exit / Move-Out Inspections

This is used to document the condition of the property at the time the lease agreement is terminated or when the owner and property manager end their contract. The move-out report can be compared to the initial / move-in inspection report so that adjustments can be made with regard to any security deposit. Our Certified Licensed inspectors provide a thorough inspection of the property once the property is vacated or no longer represented.

The Initial and Exit Inspections are designed to be used together, providing protection to all parties.


  • Eliminating Deposit Disputes.
  • Preventing Litigation.
  • Justifying Deposit withholdings.
  • Identifying Damage and Required Repairs.
  • Expediting the Leasing Process.
  • Protecting all Parties via an unbiased 3rd Party inspection.

Periodic Rental Inspections

This is our most popular inspection and is used by both absentee owners managing their property, as well as professional property management companies who are protecting their client’s investment and ensuring the satisfaction of their tenants.


  • Saves Time & Money!
  • Holds Tenants Responsible!
  • Reveals Illegal Activities!
  • Added Value to your Clients!
  • Documents Maintenance Requirements!
  • Prevents Deposit Disputes!
  • Prevents Litigation!
  • Provides Peace of Mind! 

rentalPeriodic Rental Property Inspections provide an opportunity for landlords and tenants to keep a good, open and friendly relationship with each other.

These inspections, conducted on a six-monthly basis, provide a good platform for the Landlord to manage his property and assess the condition of his property during the lease period.

For the Tenant, it provides the opportunity to highlight certain maintenance requirements for the Landlord’s attention.

Re- Inspection:

If the Landlord has agreed to maintenance being done, he can request a re-inspection of the property to assess the maintenance carried out. The report and photos of this re-inspection, will be added to the original Pre-Rental report for future ratification, if required.

ipi Are Specialist Independent Property Inspectors

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