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Buying, Selling , Letting or Leasing a Property?

If we didn’t inspect it, you shouldn’t buy it!


When purchasing a property, it is vital that you are aware of its condition.  Registered Building Inspectors are invaluable in assessing a property’s condition.

Over recent years, South African housing has been subjected to disasters such as Leaking Building Syndrome, Poor Construction and Faulty Workmanship.

Often purchasers have minimal equity in the purchase of a house, which places undue reliance on the house, requiring little or no repair work or maintenance to be carried out following the purchase.  This places the new property owner, along with the financial institution, in a vulnerable position which can result in either financial or property loss.

Property inspections are not the same as Bank Inspections, Bank valuators merely assess the lenders risk in the event of foreclosure and enable the lender to estimate the value of the property.  Purchasing a property is a big investment, it might be the single biggest investment of your life.  So economising on a property inspection may not be in your interest.

When you purchase a motor vehicle you insist that the purchase be subject to a roadworthy inspection. Only after that inspection will you sign…

You are embarking in buying a property that is ten times the capital investment of your motor vehicle………

 Sound advice would be:- Not to sign the Agreement before we have Inspected the Property


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